Days Of Love

What should I speak of, if not love?
Is it not the only truth?
Love knows no fear.
My walls turning into trees.
In this state I am the multiverse of the 13th dimension.
In your arms.
In the arms of everything.

Just let me receive love.


We sleep in unison. Together. like a fetus in a womb.
I wake. hardly any light. Window cracked open. The crisp air in my lungs.
You are warm against my back, my legs.
"Happiness never real, if not shared."
I kiss the air above your eyes, to not wake you.

I go to the garden in the morning and pluck mint from the moist ground.
Wearing only rubber boots.
The sun rising, my pale skin glowing orange, my eyes squinting from the blinding light.
The smell of damp moss and smoke.

The house is singing the song of wear.
The quacking of the cold wooden floor, covered in weaved carpets of burgundy.
The kettle screaming.

I go outside to keep the red, violet, orange sky company, and sit down on a cleaved piece of wood. I drink the mint water and burn in the new day light.
The music being birds talking.

Your hand on my shoulder, warm, light.
stroking my shoulder down my hands.
You sit the wet grass beside me, your head in my lap.
You breath slowly, calmly.
I breathe slowly, calmly.

The sky is turning blue, and we are getting older.
The smell of mature apples and hyacinths is creating beautiful sounds in the atoms around us.
Not remembering anything. Just being and becoming what already is.

I stand and walk and you follow. Down to the river with the clear water. Fish, plants and rocks visible watching down. The water is cold. cleansing the life of the night away from our mental and physical bodies. from top to toe. We laugh. The shock of the cold is thrilling. Our skins turns red, and then warm.

Grasping my hand we walk each other back. Living organisms all around.

These are simple days of love.
We eat, sleep, discover, sing, paint, walk, talk, learn, teach, write love and live.

Nothing but this is real.
So why should I speak of fear, hatred, misfortune, illusion yearning, and envy, when this is reality?

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