Hello Manifest

My birth name is Nanna.
I was born in Denmark in 1995, lived in this country always.
These informations does not justify who I am, but none the less, they create contexts for the reader.
Mostly this is for the past me to read when I feel like looking back.

My dream is to simplify my life as rapidly as possible in this coming time, to make way for a beautiful transformation I feel coming into my life.
I want to experience wonderful things, let go of my life as I know it and let the unknown teach me for a few years. I want to meet incredible people on my travels, and do what I love. I want to dance in the sun, sleep on the beach, climb beautiful mountains, take a dump in the wood, sing with friends and make art when I feel like it.
So, I am really a hippie, is what I'm trying to say.
Well, my hope is to; learn from others, accept my surroundings wherever I might find myself, and make every waken moment a beautiful one. Cry, maybe. Laugh, for sure.
Forget and discover. Eat bananas.
Be the best I can be for myself, and others.
Get fit, live in the fresh air.
Sleep wherever, eat simply.
Watch a hundred sunsets.

Love and Simplify this life.

Ok, bye.

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