14th day at ängsbacka

14th day at ängsbacka

The last few days I have been getting up 5 AM to do the bread baking with a funny dutch guy.
I learn a lot about dough.
The last couple of nights I have not had enough sleep at all, so I have been kind of distant and tired most of my waken time, I'm still quite happy though. 
I went to a workshop held by James Priest called "Conscious relations" yesterday, which was truly moving for me. It was about balancing your masculinity with your femininity, to reach oneness and neutrality. And I really came into recognizing my inner strength.  I feel so extremely happy to be at ängsbacka experiencing these things right now. 
I'm bonding with a lot of wonderful people at the moment. I'm usually not one to bring up age.
But it is truly interesting for me to meet so many openminded older people. I'm especially bonding with people over twice my age at the moment in a really equal and emotionally honest way. 

2 days ago I went to a tantra dance workshop, which was extremely sensual and really activating my boundaries. The workshop consisted of different exercises, including one where all the women would lay on a mattress with closed eyes and all the men would caress and touch and read the women's bodies as to where and how they would like to be touched.
I did feel like I had a hard time getting firm and setting boundaries, so I do think I was pushed a little further than I would have been if I felt in contact with my needs. 
It was quite overwhelming, but also really great. I came into my body, and opened up to sharing sensual energy with other people. really liberating.

Also, Sarah, a wonderful person bought me ice-cream yesterday, as a karmic release for receiving cake from someone the day before.
 I love Karma. 

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