17th day on ängsbacka

17th day on ängsbacka.

Processing the Celebrate Life! festival.
All the festival guests left yesterday. 
It was a beautifully quiet day - Same today.
New volunteers arriving this evening. 
It all moves so fast right now.
I try to stay present and collected.
I'm reading a book by Osho called "awareness" which is really good. 
I danced for many hours last night, and I hope I will get some painting done later.
On monday, when the Yoga Festival starts, I start baking for the ängsbacka café, mostly raw food cakes. I think it will be fun, and I'm going to work together with someone, so I won't be alone.

The Celebrate Life! Festival was really hectic for me. I was not stressed or anything, but the amounts of people all processing life changing workshops, can be quite much.
Yesterday, after breakfast, was my day off, and I slept from 10 AM to 17 PM. Woke up, did a bit of reading, took a shower, danced with friends, and went back to sleep.
My whole body just needed sleep, and now I think I will go hug someone.


Follow up on this post:
Later this evening I had a really special connection with a wonderful guy here.
Touching, talking, laughing, hugging, eye connection.
I feel like it altered my relationship to what I am looking for in a relationship, I've been quite cut off from my sensuality before I came to ängsbacka, and the thought of spiritual connection trough a relationship had seemed so far away. Feeling desired in a truly soulful way is really a lovely.
I find myself getting random compliments from the people around me, which is a revelation.
People openly stating that they think that I am beautiful is SO wonderful.
This happens a lot here. people being open with what they feel like saying.
This makes me more honest to.
I find myself feeling more alive and acceptant of my body.

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