5th day at Ängsbacka

5th day at Ängsbacka
Slow day. 
Hot sun, great kitchen shift with honest conversations about life, sex and love. Moving more into expressing my emotions honestly and truly to the people around me, it's an ongoing exploration into myself. Trying to learn how to receive without feeling that I need to give back.
I'm trying to not judge the process.
After my crying yesterday, I feel extremely open, and exposed.
The sharing circle is a group of 5-7 people where you listen to each other and share what is going on inside you. It's an about an hour of sharing and the group listens to you for 10 minutes or more.
Experiencing people listening to you so unconditionally and lovingly is a revelation.
I feel so loved, and it makes me question so many things.
 It opens up my heart more and more every day.
Never have I shared my feelings so openly.
Considering these people where stranger 5 days ago, this is extraordinary.
I feel old and new at the same time.
Moving more and more into feeling new.
I already experience some sort of loss when I look at the picture from 2-3-4 days ago. Like I don't feel connected to this version of myself.
I feel like I'm changing into being more alive.
Even my face from yesterday looks unfamiliar and distant.
I danced for a couple of hours this evening with group of 20 or so. Wonderful.
 I am sunburned.

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