6th day at Ängsbacka

6th day at Ängsbacka

I felt a lot of irritation and anger this morning.
At the morning meeting for the volunteers we where offered two workshops later that evening. The first one was a women's grounding workshop, only women or for those identifying as a woman, and I felt very strongly that this is ruining the opportunity for men and women to balance these feminine and masculine energies out together. 
Grounding your feminine energy is beautiful, and I support the idea, but the feminine energy isn't exclusive. And integrating our androgynous/neutral balance within is more fundamental. The illusion of gender is too delusional. And the fact that men and women split up to strengthen the separate energies that divides the unity of yin and yang confuses me. Why not encourage joint energy work? The masculine needs the feminine and the feminine needs the masculine. There is no separate wills running around. Only the will. Which is becoming one. - In my opinion. 

After a 15 minutes anger release/screaming session, which my wonderful kitchen chef arranged for me. I felt lighter.
I got kissed a lot today, and I find myself having an easier time touching, hugging and kissing the people around me.
This is making me so happy.
I've felt so tense about this for most of my life.
I feel a greater need for touch and body connection at the moment. 
Instead of the woman-only workshop I participated in a "family constellation-workshop"
Which is a method that helps you getting in touch with your family roots. Mainly focusing on your mother and father. In the end of the workshop we went outside and where introduced anew to the earth, and I felt newborn. This was a very powerful, beautiful moment for me. 
I appreciate these moments of rebirth.

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