Leaving home. Day one.

What you see here, is a perfect example of relief, after struggling all morning with finding a train departure to Molkom, Sweden.
The long-distance bus never showed up.
I'm on a deadline. I'm heading towards Ängsbacka Kursgård.
There I will spend a month volunteering at the Celebrate Life Festival, Yoga Festival and Tantra Festival.
I gave up my apartment in Copenhagen, where I've been living for almost a year, studying theatre.
And with open arms. I wander.
Practically homeless, except my core within, and my 30L backpack.
- 2 shirts
- 1 dress
- 1 pair of pants
- 1 pair of tights
-  2 panties, 1 bra
- 1 sweater
- 1 cardigan
- 1 jacket
- 1 pair of light shoes
- 1 pair of huaraches
- laptop and phone + loose bits
- 1 pocket sized led lenser light
-  2 small love stone from friend + 1 passport + 1 healthcare + 1 mastercard (in wallet)
- aquarelle paint + paper
- color pencils + big permanent marker
- Diary
- Dr. Bronners 18 purpose magic soap + hair conditioning
- toothbrush+paste/hairbrush/tea tree oil(antiseptic)/nailclipper/bandaid
- 600 ml waterbottle
- green tea powder
- small sleeping bag
- compressed towel
- compressed raincoat
- 1 pair of gloves
- 1 scarf
- Nuts and raisins

I imagine these posts being kind of an honest and simple portrayal of where life will be taking me, this coming time.
This will perhaps also help me stay connected with the people I love
and other kind souls who might be interested.
But most of all for my own sense of feeling that I'm sharing.
I started this project in order to connect with myself in a different way. Kind of like a heart diary… Comletely exposed and open. if you would like to, I invite to come inside… 

Warning: This is an experiment.

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