Friday August 8th

Friday August 8th

I was invited on a free boat trip to Oslo by a lovely friend, Signe.
So I've been on a Boat for 24 hours now.
Arrived in Oslo this morning in the beautiful harbour.
Mountains and glas buildings.
Swimming in the sea. Sweating in the sun.
I bought a clear mountain crystal, which I will be carrying around with me.
I feel relaxed and a bit invaded by my surrounds.
The tiny world of a large ship is suffocating.
This is a busy eco-system of steel, tax free shops and karaoke bars.
I'm finding myself feeling like I'm in outer space after a great earth apocolypse and I'm on a spaceship with the rest of the desperate survivers.
The moon was big and yellow yesterday, and I am breathing a lot of northern sea air.
I feel like the only thing keeping me on the deck is the grand amount of free food in my belly.
I'm thinking a lot about a friend from ängsbacka, who I long to see, which is ironic.
I know he is in my heart. Longing is not nessesary. Nevertheless.


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