Germany day 1

19th august.

This morning: early wakening, feeling safe. Still at my mothers house.

Going to the train. Saying goodbye to mom. Crying a little. 
Then taking the train an hour to get to my arranged lift from gomore.dk in Vejle
An iranian couple picks me up, I end up only driving with the man who doesn't speak a word of english, danish or german.
No conversation. Sharing space with a telephone yelling man for 9 hours, until arriving in Bonn.
Taking the train from Bonn to Mechernich. 
Randomly sharing a cap with another dane from Mechernich to Eiserfey. 
In the cap I realize the cabdriver doesn't take master card, so the lovely, funny woman called Karin pays my fare. 

Arrived at my destination.
Met a couple of the other volunteers.
All seams well. I feel welcome.
And I am excited about tomorrow.
I also have the worst headache ever from the car ride with the Iranian guy.
I also feel like I am REALLY trying to relax, so much I create inner tension. 

Now; Sleepy time.

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