Wednesday August 6th

Wednesday August 6th

Arrived in copenhagen.
2x hitching lifts from Molkom.
Was sent off from ängsbacka yesterday by the last bundle of the volunteers.
A lot of crying, again. Made a hitchiking sign for Copenhagen and went off to the road.
The first man that picked me up was kind and loving.
Gave me 100 crowns, ”For icecream” he said. and then gave me a hug. It felt like someone had sent me an angel to look after me. 10 min later I was picked up by a mother and her son.I fell asleep almost instantly. They drove me for two hours, and put me off by a train station.
It felt like a clear sign. I needed to take the train for the rest of the trip back to Copenhagen.
I was simply too filled up with my ängsbacka experience to continue hitching for the day.
It felt allright.
Was taken in by a lovely friend, Andreas.
Cried, talked, laughed, slept.

Copenhagen felt like a sedative drug. I've been sleepwalking through the streetdrama.

Feeling relaxed and apathetic.

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