It's time to love.

It's time to love.
Libra is in focus. 
Commit to grow in unison with one another. 

Last night in germany

43 days in Germany. And here I am. 
Last night in Germany.

I'm feeling… I don't know. 

Tomorrow morning I'm gonna hitchhike to Italy. 
This weekend has been beautiful.
Filled with challenges, new ways of thinking.
I've been reconnecting with mother Gaia.
Laying naked in the grass fields of nettles and dandelions.
I made this drawing after the ayahuasca this Friday.
It's not done yet, and the photo is bad quality, but you get the idea…

Now. I'll spend the night in the yurt.
Get on the road tomorrow, and hope for the best.
All good vibes sent from your hearts to me, right now is a blessing. 
I'm feeling scared, excited and in awe of the possibilities and the unknown territory I'm invading. 
I have chosen to just GO tomorrow, not knowing where I'm gonna end up. 
Destination is Damanhur in Italy.
But how to get there is beyond me. 
No particular place to end up in the night.
But I trust life.

This is truly going towards Hinterland. 

But… I got my thumb.
I got my water.
I got my coat, 
and I got my heart and my brain. 

Ciao for now.


Day after 3. time ayahuasca

Loved brothers and sisters. 
I'm in a period of what they in germany call zweifel.
I know where it comes from.
A sense of grounding has gone missing, and I don't know where I left it. 
I've been looking all over for it. 
The harder I look at my self, the more I panic. 
It's because I'm looking with a mind that operates on memories of pain and pleasure.
I want to be the best I can be, for others, and myself, and my future.

Jesus, mary, krishna, Jehova, Ganesha, Buddah, Allah Help me. 

The best healing for me at the moment is silence.


Aloha ke akua

After hearing this at the ayahuasca ceremonies, I'm trying to learn it. Beautiful.


ayahuasca song


Day 38 in Germany

Day 38 in Germany. 

Sitting in the violin workshop, still.
Unexpected events has been occurring. Again.

I'm learning very important lessons of patience and trust.

Vivid colorful dreams of confusion. 
I have not left germany yet, as I expected myself to. 
I was called to join yet another Ayahuasca ceremony this friday, so I decided to stay and participate. 
Tuesday I will go to Italy. Finally. Until then, I remain in this beautiful nature.
Laundry folding and water fasting.

I feel really good. Cleaning out in my body still.
I'm so grateful for having clean spring water to drink.
Theres is a good atmosphere with the volunteers at the moment.
A motivated and cheerful couple that has been staying for two weeks, bringing an uplifting energy just departed.
Again I am reminded how everyone that comes into our lives, always brings experiences and realizations in a manner that fits our current needs and states of being. They are a reflection of our inner world. Our guru's and challenges. 

Spending time in the beautiful nature here calms me down. Takes me away from my expectations of what is to come, an hour, a week, a month from now. 
Nature embraces me and knows, that nothing of this exists yet. 
To make me see this the birds chirp a little louder, and the winds bites a little harder, sun shines a bit brighter.
It's like they are saying "come back to the beauty of this moment, Italy is not going anywhere"



you must blend your dreams with your actions, love with honour, hope with effort.


Day after ayahuaca

My life will never be the old same. 
Mainly because it's impossible. The only constant is change.
This is amazing.
New visions.
Future hopes, and courage to follow a different path than what I thought I was endowed to do. 
I feel in connection with myself.
I leave germany tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to god knows where, and it feels frightening as FUCK. I'm so grateful for this life. Now I'm gonna get out of bed and walk in nature. 
Hopefully I will post before leaving without knowing when I will have internet again. 


My world has been turned upside up. 

I'm a child of the universe. The universe is a child of me.
I've been here before and I'll be here again.
Part of the women and part of the men.
I'm here to release all of my fear. Come to peace with my relations, and discover what it means to be alive. Give up my attachments and give up my confusion, and guide the world to a place that is beyond all illusion.
I've seen the beautiful geometry that surrounds all of our hearts.
We are the group of one. Violence ends where love begins.
I now choose to actively and consciously dream this dream of life. Filled with light and darkness, but first of all I choose this life to be governed by my souls desires. In alignment with the need for a global tribe of color people. I will rise with others and create this new and old way of nature. I put my life in the service of light. This polarized reality serves me to expand my physical senses beyond the 3. dimensional. I've seen past lives, I've given birth to hundreds of children, and I will give birth to a hundred more. Now I'm giving birth to a new paradigm within myself, slowly, gently opening it outwards to shine my light, for the betterment of all.
This energy that governs everything is available always, and it will guide me by showing me my path in a glorious and loving way. 
I'm an infinite source of cosmic intelligence, the waves of the sea, the orbit of the planet, the elements of nature. fire, earth, air and water
I believe in the potential of humans and I believe in our return to Lemuria. 
My lives are a perfectly weaved picture puzzled pattern doors to infinity. 
I have nothing more than gratitude and awe striking faith in the ways of mother universe. 

I give in and I let the evolution take place within in my heart.

My highest goal in this life is to feed the world with new uniting ways.
This is where the road of life turns upward in a spiraling curve and comes back down into the earth with the bright light of love. Love is the best teacher.

I thank the medicine of life.


Once, we where sleeping with the grand animals of prehistory.
telepathically counseling. 
Living in unison with the glorious beings of spirit.
We where healers of their wounds, and they provided warmth.
When the earth would come to be ruled by ice, the animals sacrificed themselves for our nutrition and survival.  We have forgotten their love, in the insanity of meat consumption. 
When will we return?

watch and weep my friends


Germany day 29

Last week in Germany.
Ayahuasca diet until weekend: No dairy, no salt, no spices. Only vegetables.
Building a new cover to a yurt. 
Tough work.
Taking long walks. Meditating.
Beautiful hot, sunny weather. 
Cried tears of release at the sharing-talk yesterday with the other volunteers.
It felt so good to speak my heart.

New stuff to put into your head.



New sketch.

This is a new dream I had. A dream of being blown away like sand in the desert.

Rediscovered one of my short films from last year.

Title: "A celebration to secrecy"
(In danish "En hyldest til hemmeligheden")

Great documentary on Ayurveda.


A simple season song

From me to you.

Sunday thoughts

The way you live your life, reflects what you believe in. 

What you eat, how your body functions, how you walk and talk, how you treat other people, what you buy, your relationships, how you treat nature, your hobby's, your job, your timetable, your dreams, your sense of worth, how you feel, how you connect to spirit, how you sleep, your wardrobe, where you live, the way you assert your power, the way you contribute to others and your own happiness, how you connect to your human body to your true essence: the soul, the way you breathe, which words you use, your priorities.


So what do you believe in?
Are you the best you can be for yourself?
Do you act accordingly to your heart and souls desires?
Do you feel and speak your mind openly to the people around you?
Are you holding grudges towards yourself or others?
Are you holding onto old fears and traumas?
Are you nursing your sense of self-love in any way?
Do you think loving thoughts towards other living beings and yourself?
Do you spend time in nature?
Do you breathe deep?
Do you believe you are worthy of a good life?
Do you believe you are beautiful and kind?
Do you believe yourself to be worthy of a functioning, healthy body?
- if so, do you eat healthy nourishing food, and do you feel nourished?
Do you believe yourself to be an infinite soul connected to everything?

- I love you. I really do.


Old letters to myself.

" Letter to a friend"
 A letter to my 40 year old self, written one year ago in 2013, now rediscovered. 

I hope the neck pain is gone, and you got love around you.
I hope you keep in mind that your friends is important, even though they annoy you, and you can't sometimes understand why you are friends with them.
I hope you find yourself in a state of happiness, no matter what you did with your life, where you are, who you are with, what you do.
I hope you did something worthy of your abilities, and I hope the world, in some way, benefits from your presence. I hope you do what you love, and I hope you don't let others tell you what is right for you. I hope you follow your heart and that you trust your intuition.
And I hope you are not sitting around, waiting for something to happen.

what to do:
Love makes the world go around, and I hope you have told the ones you love, that you love them.
Because your affections is not obvious to the world around you, you might need to reflect your thoughts into words. People can't read your mind. Have patience with them instead of shutting them off. Do not show off. Be humble. Just because someone is not following you every time you open your mouth, does not mean they are not worthy of your time.
I hope you have taken the risk of finding someone you care about, instead of thinking about it.
visualise. Listen to others, but do not lose yourself in others sorrow.
Try always to do your best, even though you get tired.
Sometimes just shut up and observe. Be open.
Don't drink and smoke when you don't feel like it. Do cold showers, you feel good afterwards, and it clears your head. Do short, impulsive traveling. Go spend time in glorious nature.
Own as few unimportant things as physically possible. Talk to strangers.
Choose to be kind, always, to everyone.
Try not to be a pessimist. Use your optimism, yet stay realistic, but dream big, and react to your dreams. Don't waste your "free time".
Enjoy sleeping, eating, walking, bathing, bike riding, talking, reading, smiling, drinking, love.

18 year old me,
40 year old me.

Days of love

What should I speak of, if not love?
Is it not the only truth?
Love knows no fear.
My walls turning into trees.
In this state I am the multiverse of the 13th dimension.
In your arms.
In the arms of everything.

Just let me receive love.


We sleep in unison. Together. like a fetus in a womb.
I wake. hardly any light. Window cracked open. The crisp air in my lungs.
You are warm against my back, my legs.
"Happiness never real, if not shared."
I kiss the air above your eyes, to not wake you.

I go to the garden in the morning and pluck mint from the moist ground.
Wearing only rubber boots.
The sun rising, my pale skin glowing orange, my eyes squinting from the blinding light.
The smell of damp moss and smoke.

The house is singing the song of wear.
The quacking of the cold wooden floor, covered in weaved carpets of burgundy.
The kettle screaming.

I go outside to keep the red, violet, orange sky company, and sit down on a cleaved piece of wood. I drink the mint water and burn in the new day light.
The music being birds talking.

Your hand on my shoulder, warm, light.
stroking my shoulder down my hands.
You sit the wet grass beside me, your head in my lap.
You breath slowly, calmly.
I breathe slowly, calmly.

The sky is turning blue, and we are getting older.
The smell of mature apples and hyacinths is creating beautiful sounds in the atoms around us.
Not remembering anything. Just being and becoming what already is.

I stand and walk and you follow. Down to the river with the clear water. Fish, plants and rocks visible watching down. The water is cold. cleansing the life of the night away from our mental and physical bodies. from top to toe. We laugh. The shock of the cold is thrilling. Our skins turns red, and then warm.

Grasping my hand we walk each other back. Living organisms all around.

These are simple days of love.
We eat, sleep, discover, sing, paint, walk, talk, learn, teach, write love and live.

Nothing but this is real.
So why should I speak of fear, hatred, misfortune, illusion yearning, and envy, when this is reality?

(January 2013 - Nanna Mynte)


Germany day 25

Germany day 25

I feel like sharing a smile since there is so much to be grateful for.
These tiny plum miracles from the garden. 
The smell of the forest and the glorious pumpkins growing which will be on the menu for lunch.
My moon cycle ended this morning, and it has been a sensitive time filled emotional turmoil.
The full moon in pisces has effected my process deeply and brought up deep wounds and old self-hatred. Doing kundalini meditation has helped me to be more in connection with myself.
Two of the volunteers, whom I have had a great time with are leaving today, but it is actually nice having people come and go, to remind me to enjoy the present moment. 
Future plans are catching up on me slowly.
So much exciting to come. 
Also the ayahuasca ceremony is in EXACTLY one week from now. 
I feel ready and open.

Much love.


Germany day 24

Germany day 24

Gentle morning. 
I really like waking up in the middle of Nature now that I sleep in the van. 
Peeing on the compost toilet and smelling the humid moss. 
Long walk in the valleys. Hills and forests. 
Soft yellow light from the sun behind the greyblue sky. 
Damp hair from the warm shower I took this morning. 
Painting in Silence in the house. 
I feel good. 



Germany day 21

Germany day 21

Fullmoon in Piscies. 
Feeling Sensitive.
Like an open wound.
without sound.
Everytime I open my mouth open squeaky unclear noises come out. 
Sobbing and crying over nothing at all.
3. day of my period and my soul and insides are cleaning out all sorts mental junk from the last few weeks.
I've been in the kitchen all day.
Making soup and baking apple pies with the tons upon tons of picked garden apples from yesterday. 
all 5 of us volunteers was dining at the neighbors.
I thought I was most certainly, marvelously going to burst into tears over nothing in the middle of the dessert, but I didn't.
Oh well.


Germany day 19

Germany day 19

Humid morning.

Woke up to the sound of a forest rave. 
Cold pain neck. 
tension jaw. 
Dreams of light. 
Drinking Natron.
Bloated stomach from Natron. 
Hibiscus, red beautiful liquid. 
Stories from warm countries. 
Peru, Chile, mexico.
Walking in the greenery. 
Two human being taken pictures of me, to preserve my red hair in the fields of barley. 
Ancient caves, re-renovated with steel stairs and cement pillars. 
Touching mighty stones.
Animal cruelty, and judgments, all whilst watching the beef clean-cut with kitchen knife. 
People, people, people, and counting. 
All these people. 
They live in me. 
"tree of life"

Humid evening. 

ignorance towards animal cruelty is just as big a wrongdoing as the ignorance of these industries. We are all responsible.

Click here for the documentary "Earthlings"


Germany day 18

Germany day 18

Ordering the kitchen after receiving tons and tons of outdated food from the supermarket.
The owner of the area, the guy who takes us volunteers in to live with him, has an agreement with the local food store to bring him all the outdated foods, so they don't have to throw it away, and right now, we are swimming in lettuce, melons, mushrooms and other good stuff. 

Apparently this initiative is called being a "freegan"
Dumpster diving, and/or live of whatever you can find/get of thrown out food from stores.
Avoiding foodwaste is the political part of it. 
And well… Free food! 

Day 4 of the vegatarian/no sugar diet is stabile. 
I still try to avoid dairy. A bit difficult in this house. 
When the other cook, there is often milk and butter and yoghurt added. 
I Indulge a lot in fruit and bread. 

I woke up this morning and had this beautiful vision, which I think I have had before, maybe as a child. The vision is a female human being penetrated by light from the middle the body, and then rapidly and completely evaporating into a light neutral looking light being and then disappearing into light.

The whole day I have been imagining this happening to people around me whenever I felt disconnected from my surroundings, and it makes me so peaceful and makes me feel more conscious, or "awake".
It's like a visual mantra.
 it looked somewhat like this:

Fox love

Click here to fall in love with foxes


Germany, day 15

Germany day 15,
and day 1 embarking on this no sugar/no dairy/no meat diet. 
I feel fine. No struggle.

lunch was fresh greens, brown rice with turmeric stirred zucchini, radish, carrots and mushrooms. 
I've been eating a breakfast consistent of cooked apples with cinnamon and amaranth for the last week.
Needless to say my stomach is racing from the transition.

New theme: Towards Hinterland.

The new theme of my current state.

This means: emerging into the unknown.

Orange day