My world has been turned upside up. 

I'm a child of the universe. The universe is a child of me.
I've been here before and I'll be here again.
Part of the women and part of the men.
I'm here to release all of my fear. Come to peace with my relations, and discover what it means to be alive. Give up my attachments and give up my confusion, and guide the world to a place that is beyond all illusion.
I've seen the beautiful geometry that surrounds all of our hearts.
We are the group of one. Violence ends where love begins.
I now choose to actively and consciously dream this dream of life. Filled with light and darkness, but first of all I choose this life to be governed by my souls desires. In alignment with the need for a global tribe of color people. I will rise with others and create this new and old way of nature. I put my life in the service of light. This polarized reality serves me to expand my physical senses beyond the 3. dimensional. I've seen past lives, I've given birth to hundreds of children, and I will give birth to a hundred more. Now I'm giving birth to a new paradigm within myself, slowly, gently opening it outwards to shine my light, for the betterment of all.
This energy that governs everything is available always, and it will guide me by showing me my path in a glorious and loving way. 
I'm an infinite source of cosmic intelligence, the waves of the sea, the orbit of the planet, the elements of nature. fire, earth, air and water
I believe in the potential of humans and I believe in our return to Lemuria. 
My lives are a perfectly weaved picture puzzled pattern doors to infinity. 
I have nothing more than gratitude and awe striking faith in the ways of mother universe. 

I give in and I let the evolution take place within in my heart.

My highest goal in this life is to feed the world with new uniting ways.
This is where the road of life turns upward in a spiraling curve and comes back down into the earth with the bright light of love. Love is the best teacher.

I thank the medicine of life.

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