Day 38 in Germany

Day 38 in Germany. 

Sitting in the violin workshop, still.
Unexpected events has been occurring. Again.

I'm learning very important lessons of patience and trust.

Vivid colorful dreams of confusion. 
I have not left germany yet, as I expected myself to. 
I was called to join yet another Ayahuasca ceremony this friday, so I decided to stay and participate. 
Tuesday I will go to Italy. Finally. Until then, I remain in this beautiful nature.
Laundry folding and water fasting.

I feel really good. Cleaning out in my body still.
I'm so grateful for having clean spring water to drink.
Theres is a good atmosphere with the volunteers at the moment.
A motivated and cheerful couple that has been staying for two weeks, bringing an uplifting energy just departed.
Again I am reminded how everyone that comes into our lives, always brings experiences and realizations in a manner that fits our current needs and states of being. They are a reflection of our inner world. Our guru's and challenges. 

Spending time in the beautiful nature here calms me down. Takes me away from my expectations of what is to come, an hour, a week, a month from now. 
Nature embraces me and knows, that nothing of this exists yet. 
To make me see this the birds chirp a little louder, and the winds bites a little harder, sun shines a bit brighter.
It's like they are saying "come back to the beauty of this moment, Italy is not going anywhere"

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