Last night in germany

43 days in Germany. And here I am. 
Last night in Germany.

I'm feeling… I don't know. 

Tomorrow morning I'm gonna hitchhike to Italy. 
This weekend has been beautiful.
Filled with challenges, new ways of thinking.
I've been reconnecting with mother Gaia.
Laying naked in the grass fields of nettles and dandelions.
I made this drawing after the ayahuasca this Friday.
It's not done yet, and the photo is bad quality, but you get the idea…

Now. I'll spend the night in the yurt.
Get on the road tomorrow, and hope for the best.
All good vibes sent from your hearts to me, right now is a blessing. 
I'm feeling scared, excited and in awe of the possibilities and the unknown territory I'm invading. 
I have chosen to just GO tomorrow, not knowing where I'm gonna end up. 
Destination is Damanhur in Italy.
But how to get there is beyond me. 
No particular place to end up in the night.
But I trust life.

This is truly going towards Hinterland. 

But… I got my thumb.
I got my water.
I got my coat, 
and I got my heart and my brain. 

Ciao for now.

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