Sunday thoughts

The way you live your life, reflects what you believe in. 

What you eat, how your body functions, how you walk and talk, how you treat other people, what you buy, your relationships, how you treat nature, your hobby's, your job, your timetable, your dreams, your sense of worth, how you feel, how you connect to spirit, how you sleep, your wardrobe, where you live, the way you assert your power, the way you contribute to others and your own happiness, how you connect to your human body to your true essence: the soul, the way you breathe, which words you use, your priorities.


So what do you believe in?
Are you the best you can be for yourself?
Do you act accordingly to your heart and souls desires?
Do you feel and speak your mind openly to the people around you?
Are you holding grudges towards yourself or others?
Are you holding onto old fears and traumas?
Are you nursing your sense of self-love in any way?
Do you think loving thoughts towards other living beings and yourself?
Do you spend time in nature?
Do you breathe deep?
Do you believe you are worthy of a good life?
Do you believe you are beautiful and kind?
Do you believe yourself to be worthy of a functioning, healthy body?
- if so, do you eat healthy nourishing food, and do you feel nourished?
Do you believe yourself to be an infinite soul connected to everything?

- I love you. I really do.

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