2nd week on Ängsbacka

It's now been two weeks since I found myself standing on Swedish earth, yet again. 
Ängsbacka is gently changing it's colors. Shedding it's skin and becoming naked in front of my eyes. 
The trees are sighing off all their leafs. One by one, every hour.
The air here is crisp and the wind is beginning to bite.
This is a magical and beautiful time for me. 
I'm growing closer and closer to the people here every day, and I have a creeping feeling of wanting to stay here forever. 
I might be wearing rose colored glasses, but I am liking it.
Currently my intention is to stay for quite a while.
I'm trying to create an agreement with the management, to be able to commit for a year or so. 
They are being very loving and empathic about it.
This excites me.

I also have thought about gathering sketches for a potential portfolio for an Art Academy application.
I feel confident in the illustrations I'm working on at the moment.
Feeling like everything is possible.

The kitchen/cleaning work I'm doing here, is easy to do in a meditative, conscious way.
There is a lot of laughter and warmth.
I'm enjoying it. A lot.
I wouldn't have thought I would be saying that I actually enjoy cleaning work, but I really do.

I also enjoy playfighting, sweeping floors, dancing, singing, doing yoga, forest walking, autumn bathing in the lake, talking gibberish, learning Swedish, kissing, hugging, meditating, discussing, chopping vegetables, holding hands, breathing.

Currently ife is easy and light.

Much love.

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