3rd day at Ängsbacka

I'm back in Sweden, back at Ängsbacka.
No pictures the comming days. 
Sold my computer. currently borrowing the old PC at Ängsbacka. 
My world is really light and happy.
Ängsbacka is beautiful and embracing. 
Intimate and warm.
I'm mostly in the kitchen helping the chefs.
There is currently a Shamanic Dearmouring workshop going on.
15 participants.
Outside a myriad of green, yellow, ocre and red colors.
The wind is fresh and the water is sweet tasting and clean.
I twisted my ancle yesterday jumping around in the forest alone.
I'm walking around like child learning to walk for the first time.  
Because of this I'm sore in my entire body, but I still have a sense of gratitude for the physical gesture. 
It wants to get a message across.
We had a sauna yesterday which was amazing. 
Sweating out, steaming and cold showering. Autumn body clean out!

I'm surrounded by loving people who has welcomed back into their arms.
This is feels like an amazing magical time

For now, I'm home.

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