3rd day in denmark.

Now, I am back. 
I've returned. 
To denmark.
I'm reunited with my past, that is. 

This sucker on the photo is what ticked me to seriously consider going back to Denmark from Italy. 
Working one morning, splitting wood, I was joking around on the logs and I fell on a big piece of hard wood. and this happened. 

The pain has ceased now, and nothing serious or permanent has happened. No broken limbs! 
but considering what was happening around me, in my life. This little injury was perfect!

It made me reflect upon what state of mind I was in. 
I was constantly wanting to go to remote places, into nature,
into peace and solitude. 
I was "beating myself up" for not wanting to go on with my expected road down trough Italy.
I had enough of wandering about, getting up early, working the crops in the fields, being exhausted spiritually, because of the need to digest all my experiences. 
I was TIRED.
So many life altering realizations has come to me in the last 3 months. Peace and and a little detachment  
will be just what I need.
I had, had dreams of going back to my mother in Denmark, and be with her for a while until going back to ängsbacka this winter.

Here I am. 
The only place I thought I would NOT find myself, 3 months ago, and I love it. 
It's also tough. But certainly the right place for now. 
Being here with my mother and my brothers are best thing for me currently. 
 What a gift to be able to come back and find a loving home waiting. 

So I thank the injury for showing me, that listening to my need for safety and peace is important now.

 Now they are shouting me down for nut cake. :-) 
I thank the higher source within myself and the universe for this family and this piece of land. 

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