day 4 at Damanhur

I saw the temples of humankind, and Damjl, the heart of Damanhur yesterday.
I'm feeling overwhelmed, sensitive.
randomly bursting into tears now and again.
I crave peace and solitude. 
I would like to be able to be process my experiences in solitude.
But this is a string of interesting challenges that needs attention.
Tomorrow I have a day off, and I have an appointment with the Damanhurian doctors office to make sure I'm not bringing anything contaminating into the community. 
It's standard procedure. 
After I would like to walk the sacred forests near the temples. 
considering going to a remote place for a month after this experience at Damanhur, to paint, contemplate and be in complete peace. 
It would be nice before going back to volunteer for ängsbacka this winter. 

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