Getting to Italy.

Hitchhike trough Germany was smooth, Switzerland and the alps by train was breathtakingly beautiful. Italy as well. 
Extremely cold to sleep at the train station in Basel.
Felt very alone and overwhelmed by the whole world.
Comming from the beautiful nature in Eiserfey  to the various big cities down trough Switzerland was tough. The air was suffocating, and the people in the streets at night where challenging my sense of ease and peace.

Arriving to Damanhur was a hassle. 
It's inconvenient and a bit of an adventure to not speak a word of Italien. 

The first guy to pick me up near Eiserfey, was really kind and helpful. He drove me some extra miles and dropped me off close to a political occupied forest. The people living there was protecting the forest from being exploited by a company digging for coal, chopping down the trees. Very interesting to see and to connect with the people there. 
When I left the place, I got lost in the beautiful forest, it was perfectly wonderful!
but eventually ended up on the main road, where I was picked up by a sweet guy and his italian mother and taken to the nearest train station.
In the end it was an interesting challenge with all the sense of separation and duality.

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