6th week on Ängsbacka

Here I am.
6 weeks into this Ängsbacka community life. 
I keep drawing the Tarot card of "The Moon"
I'm facing divine creatures and demons. 
Much magic and much chaos surrounds me.
Most of all, my head is spinning with reflections of all shapes and sorts. 
A tiny existential crisis is knocking on my door, yet again.
These last few months... Oh sweet mother of all things good....  
Everything is being put to a test.
In a subtle and quiet way.
It feels like an ultimate challenge for my identity.
I recently participated in a tantra workshop, that left me exhausted and feeling physically ill in my entire body. Mostly throat.  
I'm so incredibly grateful to be in a space where people care for each other and nurture each other.
People are attentive and receptive when I share my feelings and my needs. 
I this way, I feel held and supported.
There is some sense of subtle doom these days of my life.
It's quite funny in a way, because there is nothing to do.
Something within me is shifting, and I'm going with it, without knowing what it is.