Januar vol. 2 ängsbacka

Time is slowing down. The days feels longer. I do more, feel more. Sleepingwalking with crystalclear thoughts. But its so very quiet here... So quiet. I accepted a proposal to stay at Ängsbacka to co-ordinate the café. Most likely until the summer out. I feel good about my decision. Now I have the peace to dance in the nooks and crannies of my mind and explore a deeply introspected nature of my human-ness. I feel a big change comming around. All my alarmbells are running amok. This identity of mine, who's time has been running out, slowly, all 2014, is now gasping air to stay alive. Pluto is taking good care of me.  In my imagination it looks like sand being blown over a white glas surface. Blown away, leaving white empty space. Its fantastic. Lets see if we survive the winter.

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