Turning 20

I'm not sure if I was ever really a teenager, but from tomorrow I will certainly in the traditional sense not be considered one anymore.

This dosen't really matter in the scheme of the big picture. Atleast I don't think so.
But, I do indugle the thought that this "new chapter" of my life will be my most legendary yet. It's funny how it's called "turning" 20. It's like 20 pokes you on the shoulder and you flip around to meet this unfamiliar face... Or you turn 20 around on it's back and smack it's but. Actually flipping 20 sounds better to me. I wonder if the planets are rearranging in honor of me.

If anyone should be celebrated, it's my mom, who pushed me out of her yoni a stormy full moon valentines day in 1995. I guess I was bit more than a just a front row attendant of that show... I did pick the date, the mom, and the life.

Anyway. It's been some interesting 20 years, not just in my life, but in human history. That's a statement that won't make my nose grow for sure.

It's pretty cool being alive to change the world in this day and age, right? Horray for me, and may this fantastic event of my birth be for the betterment of mankind. I'm only being slightly ironic.

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