To the primitive human edible and medicinal plants is expression of nurtuering, protection and upholding of life and love from within the core of planet earth. She wants you to be full. When you stop relying on food and the air surrounding you feeds your carnal needs, she will still remain nurturing to you and your physical life through the plants that will provide the oxygen you will then live of. Giving back to her is your physical incarnations purpose and calling. Upholding earth's and natures life is your physical inheritance. Your soul knows what she needs. It's up to you to take it upon yourself to respond to her calling. She whispers with a soft ancient voice from the living, breathing soil. She knows why you must deny her. In your surrender to your own suffering, you forget her. She will never deny you once you turn to her. She is pure symbiosis. Something in our minds has polluted the natural symbiosis of humans natural tendencies. She will be there to take your remains back into the ground. In the end your physical body will return to her, and she will rejoice in your dead bodies minerals. As all life is borrowed so shall our impacts be. She will keep growing and providing in her abundant nature until she is defeated to the last drop of water.  When she dies, she shall be reborn. She is the upholder of all physical life and she knows no sides in the war of the human condition. She only knows growth, love, death and birth. She is your true provider of motherly nourishment, and she will cradle you until your last earthling incarnation. 

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