Human incarnations is in essense quests for the holy grail. Easy to get lost on the way home. Rest assured you will return, every time. In the process of dying your lesson resolves. You, the soul, customized this incarnation to have a third dimensional experience on mother earth. A mere quest, in where the real adventure is remembering who you in essense are. Temporary memory loss to regain memory. Seemingly containing physical pain, fear and stress. In the sphere of time this is a short time in your existence, and is a part of a much bigger expansion taking place in your galaxy. You create your incarnations out of the free will of your eternal being. Nothing was done to you, ever. No force govern you. That is an illusion of the third realm. In essense you where the holy grail all along and will remain so. When you return to unity, light, scorce, you will be pulled into individuality again, this is the dynamic of existence, until your elevation is finished. Life does not occur without. Breathe, and make the most of this current human memory you carry around in your current human body. Beyond the gold is shining. Enjoy the beauty of this planet, and reading this message in this point in time and space.

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