This is a dream I had last night

Just me.
A strange sense of clarity comes over me after the shock.
A train of thought going through my mind. It feels ineviteble that this is happening. The gletcher storm comes closer. The solid storm of ice swallows everything in it's path. I can't see beyond the storm. What kind of destruction it leaves behind. I'm in a house, a solid tree house with a window where I can see everything.
No panic, just a small worry... Will it hurt?
A strange acceptance.
In that moment it slows down, the storm of white, blue and grey.
I think it's moving slower.
Maybe to give me time to prepare?
It's definitely still comming. Bit's of landscape slowly disappearing in the horizon. 

This feels big.
This feels exciting.
A new world.

But first the storm will swallow me.

I wake.

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