A call from the gamemaster

"I am" as old as colors of darkness and light.
"I" dance. That's the only movement "I" know.
"I" exist in very empty space that form is made of.

"I" wanted to experience "me" as "you". Just for the fun of it.
And "you" took the game to seriously.

So here "we" are. Playing. Soon enough "you" will realise the nature of the game.

It happened

I saw this happen every day. The change, the shift, I was alive to experience, smell the ground, inhale the morning mist, taste the morning dew, feel and touch the snow, hear the deer's love-cry and the birds celebrating their beating hearts as they returned in their families of dancing movement across the sky. I'm beyond grateful to walk around in this body, incarnated and functioning physically in this timeless time in the memory of planet earth.  Being here. Fully present to take in the wonders I created, I slowly wake up from my dream of seperateness. I see that I am living in the garden... That old story. That great chronicle of the Jesus, who walked the earth, as I do now. The identity is stripped away with the clothes on my back. Like my body, my identity, feelings, ideas, concepts, creations will surely perish, die and return to the dirt beneath my dancing bare feet. No more layers will I add. I cannot afford the weight of fear anymore. To expensive a burden. To expensive. I just can't fit anymore in my bags. Pandora's box is opened. The holy grail is before me. I see my own reflection in the tiny puddle right there on the floor. This shifting of nature is a reflection of my own most fundamental nature, as is this language. The desperate attempt to create unbounded matter. Strip me down to atoms and I am empty space. As is all. Yet there is an unmoving force, ever present. Ever observing. No name. No direction. No form. Just, just. I am melting... It cannot stop. Like breathing, I expand, hold, and contract with creation. No more illusion. No more sleeping. I will birth this new paradigm for human exsistence with all that beings that follows this natural calling. To strong to deny. The time is slowing down and speeding up. Stretching out. Creating vast waves of energy from deep space. We are naturally responding like noah's calling for the ark. I feel the lifeforce in me empowering me to live the truth. Now.