Home alone

I feel so alive.
The last part of my day I spend in the cliffs, calm wind.
I had to dig my nose into the ground to smell the intoxicating scent of the earth, grass, dew and rotten leaves.
The sun was setting.
No clouds.
Just a smooth transition of color. Night conquering day. Marine, blue, indigo, soft pink and orange.
Singing and howling in gratitude.
Sometimes I forget, this is what life feel like, when I'm not escaping my true nature.
To be outside.
To listen to the crackling of bushes where the mouse is nesting
To feel the temperature going down with the creeping darkness.
To long for a small camp fire.
To feel safely and softly held in the grass.
To talk to the flowers.
All is perfect, always.
No trying.
I give thanks to this day.

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