One of the biggest joys of my life this summer has been forming new intimate friendships that has penetrated my life so graciously and easily.

My family has expanded endlessly. I feel a growing global kinship to all I meet.

Especially through the network of the ayahuasca ceremonies I have been partaking in this summer.
opening up to genuine friendship has been an illuminating experience for me.
The honesty people have been willing to share with me is highly educational.

True honesty is really a gift. Sometimes tough loving one.
I thank all the people who have shared their experiences, thoughts, feelings in complete honesty from the core of my being.
Honesty heals.
It means no hiding beyond false structured walls of protection.
No greed, selfpity, arrogance... egoic destructive behaviors, fear is spared by the sharp blades of honesty.

Time to rest and integrate the need for authenticity in my life...

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