To my brothers and sisters.

May you face yourself.

May you walk towards the darkness when she calls you,
so that you may see the light when you return.
brighter, than ever before, each time she gives you her gift.

May you feel the furious pounding of your own heart
fighting for survival 
in a moment of intense love-making.
In moments of strong medicine.
pearling sweat on your forehead

May you howl at the full moon
taste your own blood
pray in the midnight river
and honor the sun for gifting you light.

May you see your mother for who she truly are.
feel the sacredness of her womb,
honor her ability to create life.

May you taste the fruits of the earth.
Knowing it's all alive and gifted to you from the world under your feet.

May you see your father for who he is truly.
With the divine fires of his phallus,
honor his ability to create life.

May you grant yourself permission to experience life.
Orgastic pleasure,
mind bending riddles.
the loving pain of attachment to the dust of ideas and concepts.
The whispering of all living things around you, echoing deep in your cells. 
May you allow all states of mind and soul to pass away in and out, with the changing of the wind.

May you feel the bursting softness of the spring grass on your skin.
The detoxification of summer rain.
the dying of fall.
The silence of winter.

May you give up trying to be something you are not for others sake. 
Give up building walls around you,
give up being fearful of making mistakes.

May you be blessed with the sound of children laughing.
A brother crying with joy.
A sister crying with relief from surrendering to love. 

May you fall in love with life, every day, and inspire others to do the same.

May you dance, enjoy, love and sing.
To your dyeing days.

May you know with every fiber of your being,
that all is well.

With all of my being,
I love you.

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