1st day 
at my mothers home.

Arrived in Jutland straight to a baptist party for a little fellow now called "Vincent".
Met second-linked family members, mother's cousins and their children et cetera.
Spend most of the time "alone" in the sun listening to the guests conversations about real-estate, mortgages and children's clothing. 

2nd day:
settled into a little room in my mothers house.
pulled out and dusted of her old crystals.
went to the western sea with my mother and little brother to get some ocean wind into our lungs
 Collected sea crystals. 
Ate chocolate
Discovered old pictures of my mother from her youth.
Travelling in Thailand, india and iceland. 
Such a beauty.
She somehow always looked old in the expression on her face despite her big smile. 
Also discovered old poems and diaries from my grandmother who has now passed over into new worlds. 

One of them from 3rd of june 1993 goes: 
(written on a typewriter, translated from danish)

It's full moon tomorrow
I will keep a dialogue with my mind
so my will can hear
and perform my intuitive knowing
I wish to become still,
so I can hear, and feel the presence. 

What's the color of my will?
will to worthiness and presence. 

What's the color of my ability to distinguish ?
only the knowing of presence
knows the right distinction

A collection of atoms - diverse 
which contains my soul - the universe,
my soul is contained in the universe,
is one with the universe.
right now I am here
Paradox in my brain

- Inge Duelund

3rd day:

Told mother about my ayahuasca ceremonies and kambo sessions 
sobbing with gratitude in front of my mother.
long walk.
Silence, meditation. 
cleansed by the wind.
Just being.
Started on some flower medicine to help clean out some heavy mindedness.
Going to sweat out some toxins in the infrared sauna in half an hour.

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