Daily photo diary - day 0

"I will never be like my mother?"
Who said that? 
Who is that fool.
WAIT a minute... that's me.

A partnership

It's sweetly agonizing. 
The biggest mirror I've encountered so far.
The ultimate test in;

* Your ability to work with, and overcome your childhood fears/teachings/conditionings from both 
your parents.

* how much you are willing to give others, time, love, sweat, bliss, tears.

* how much you are able to recieve.

* Patience.

 * Your internal balance between your feminine and masculine qualities.

* The severity of your "knight in shining armour on a white horse" syndrome

* Your ideals, and the challenge they represent:
your overall integrity to live according to them. 

* How honest and vulnerable you are willing to let yourself be, without fear of losing your lover.

* your communication skills, or lack thereof. 

* How self absorbed you tend to become.

* Confidence and self esteem, in other words:
Self respect and self love

* your naturally accepting nature(or not) towards another persons fears, world/political views, dreams, desires, health issues, daddy or mommy issues, finances, pick of travel destinations, (very)early morning mantra-chanting, saturday night movie choices, spiritual orientation.

* Your relationship with your body and your soul, or rejection of. 

* Your health. Mentally, physically, spiritually and whatever else exists in the matrix of your physical life.

* Your self discipline, in many aspects;
- diet
- exercise 
- mundane earthly tasks
- taking care of yourself in general

* Your innate feeling of security and peace within yourself - not relying on your partner to "complete you" - and your ability to be alone with yourself.

* Your ability to forgive your partners interesting, if not idiotic habits, smelly socks and otherwise unpleasant tendencies:
Accepting them as they are, resisting the temptation of wanting to change them.

*Your ability to be honest with your sexual desires and longings, and expressing them.

* 1 word: jealousy.

* Your ability to set boundaries without fear.

* Your relationship to your friends and family.

* Your ability to convert your passion and creativity into something that matters to you and others,
in other words: your reason for being in this world.

* Your willingness to recognize and support your partners gifts and talents.

* Your awareness and respect of the other persons needs.

* compromise

* your tendency to hold grudges, or being overly forgiving.

* your spontaneity and adventure-readiness

* being "the now",  acting from a point of presence, peace and meditation in all tasks(...or not)

* your humbleness to say "I see that, I'm sorry", when you mean it and it matters -
AND your strength to not apologize for who you truly are.

* Your overall experience of life and your personal attitude towards it - especially rainy days.

* your sexual curiosity about your partner

*Your ability to attract fun and exciting, thrilling, romantic, dreamlike events into your life

* Your ability to forgive yourself.

* Your sense of worthiness and purpose in life

Okay so... The list is infinite, and could go on.
I am willing to be a kind and open being, lucky enough to have been the one amongst millions of sperm cells to be born, with two fantastic functioning legs, to sprint and dance with. Spreading joy for a living. Thank you, to all my partners, lovers, one-night stands, true friends, family! for holding the mirror up, right in front of me, so that I may see my actions clearly.
For giving me the inspiration and courage to change the aspects of "me" that no longer serves it's purpose.

I have been mending my broken heart in peace and quiet, for long.
It's easier, softer and less intense, to stay alone - for me.
but, intensity is good. Jumping into the unknown, is needed.
The real challenge is facing my fellow brothers and sister.
engaging in relationships, of all kinds, to feel a sense of responsibility towards them.
Daring to love (someone or myself) - with ALL my heart... Is THE most scary thing....
Daring to do all things in life - With my fullest commitment and attention, demands a revolutionizing enhancement of my ability to put my awareness 100% into what I am doing in this very moment.
It's ok.
Let's jump!

How may I serve you?


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