Day 3 - Genital herpes + vaginal thrush (Oh yes...)

Take a listen:

I'm sharing my story of pain, for the good of (wo)mankind, read and rejoice
This, ladies and gentlemen is my resent experience with the cold sore virus, also known as the big bad herpes.

So, disclaimer: 
Herpes is not necessarily passed over sexually. 
Children can be infected by their parents kissing them for instance.
Once you have the virus, it's there for life.
chances are I might have caught it very long ago from my family-members or friends, through friendly kissing/sharing lipstick or what not.

About 50% of American adults have oral herpes, they are commonly called cold sores or fever blisters. Oral herpes is almost always due to HSV-1 infection (one of the two kinds or herpes)

About one in six people ages 14-49 in USA have the genital HSV-2 infection (the second kind of herpes)
However, most people don't realize they are infected simply because their symptoms are too mild to notice or mistaken for something else.

Genital herpes can be very uncomfortable, but it generally not dangerous infections in healthy adults.
There is several days of the year where the virus can be spread, even when there is no symptoms.
Make sure your partner knows you have the virus, he/she might have it themselves without knowing. Get tested. Use protection.

When I started to notice a slight swelling and  feeling sore around my labia, I got a bit worried since I never experience problems in that area of my body, but decided to see if it would go away.

I waited a few days to see if it might go away... and then, it got worse.
Much worse.
plus my period began.
Severe swelling and slight blistering. 

I started to search the internet, and quickly found that it most certainly was the cold sore virus.
It was also confirmed by the fact that my partner had experienced a slight feeling of discomfort a few weeks before, but as it didn't get worse, just wore off, we forgot about it, but here I was with a full-blown infection and I didn't know how to tackle it.

I must have read everything there was to know about natural home remedies to relieve the pain.
First I went to the hospital - got quickly checked by a doctor, who sent me to a sexual health clinic.
Got thoroughly checked for commonly known sexual diseases + pregnancy.
blood tests,  urine, swap-test. 
the whole lot.
They where sanitary and friendly at the clinic, and I had my partner drive me there and pick me up.
It was an OK experience.
Got to fill out a form on a clipboard and wait to be called into the consultation room, like in a movie.
They gave me the infamous herpes talk,... all you need to know.
Gave me a batch of condoms and a "we'll call you when your test results are back".

they confirmed my suspicion, it was indeed the cold-sore virus.
Nothing to be worried about, but they prescribed me some antibiotics to cool down the infection.

I did think twice about the antibiotics, but by this time the infection was so uncomfortable I was willing to do anything to get rid of it. 

I ate clean healthy foods, drank plenty of water, swallowed my antibiotics + a pill to prevent reoccurring outbreaks of the virus.
after about 3-4 days the infection was gone, but little did I know that the hell was just about to start.

See... one the more common side effects of antibiotics for women is genital thrush, when the course is finished.
I was not spared.
I was a burning vessel of itching fire from hell.
It was itching like there was no tomorrow.
for a good week.
for some reason, it would be ok during the day, and the morning, but get worse as the sun was setting, and leave me sleepless with a horrible itch all night. 

I tried everything.

Salt bathing
vaginal rosemary steaming to clean out energetically
cold showers for my vagina to cool of the itch
apple vinegar cider to raise the acidity of my vagina
drinking warm ginger/lemon tea.
applying yoghurt on the itch and swallowing probiotic supplements to create new friendly bacteria, since my old bacterial flora had been ruthlessly killed off by the antibiotics.
topically applied tea-tree oil, aloe vera and frankincense oil....
All was just temporary relief.

After taking a strong chemical drug like antibiotics and herpes preventatives, I was not keen  taking anything else chemical, nor applying pharmaceutical creams containing god-knows-what, even though I was in incredible discomfort.
Had I known what the antibiotics would do to my body, I probably wouldn't have done them in the first place. I would have waited out the infection and perhaps gone on water only for a few days, to completely clear out the inflammation.

The worst/best thing I did to prevent the itch was to shove a good sized clove of peeled organic garlic up there.
It's effective, very anti fungal and kills the infection - but it's TO DAMN painful to stand for very long. 
After antibiotics all your good bacteria in your vagina is basically killed.
The thrush and dryness is caused by your poor vagina trying to restore it's naturally friendly flora of bacteria.
after a course of antibiotics your body NEEDS probiotics.
Be sure to restore your healthy gut flora.
Your bacteria friends needs to be invited back in.
No one told me this... I had to google myself to this important piece of knowledge.

So, eventually I cured the itching by eating heaps of yoghurt, taking active (20 billion bacteria) acidophilus supplements.
and rebuilding my immune system and gut flora/vaginal flora, by daily consuming some sort of probiotic. acidophilus, saurkraut, kombucha, yoghurt + religiously taking my additional vitamins and minerals. Especially the ones that builds the immune system. (vit C & D for the win!)
Drinking plenty of water!

Now I'm good and healthy again, probably healthier. 

If you ever have an outbreak as severe as mine, remember...
This to shall pass my friend,
like all things in life.
And you are not alone.
this happens to A LOT of people, apparently. 
especially the thrush.

Spiritually this was a huge gift/challenge.
I think it was brought about by a considerable amount of emotional stress from life, relationships and what not...
I got to slow down, and feel my body, and it's pain.
I have found love and respect for my vagina after doing all this treatment. 
I learned some great things about natural functions of the bacteria in the body.
Great knowledge for later on, yo!
But I sure am happy it's over. 
Everything becomes almost insignificant when you are in pain, and once it's over, you forget all about it. Thank you good lord.

BTW: a loving friend around helps. 
Or generally anyone to remind you "it's going to be allright, and it's going to pass."
when all you want to do is revenge yourself on... something.
I think a lot of the great tyrants of human history had chronic genital thrush.
I wouldn't be surprised.

Peace, warmth and love you to. 

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