day 7 in life

I am in awe.

Right now I'm here.
After playing on the street, with my 6 strings.
When playing I find that children's natural curiosity and generosity is such a beautiful wonder.
When they tug at their parents sleeves and humbly ask if they may throw some money in my case.
They way they wave and greet me with laughter, dance or smiles.
No pretentiousness, avoidance,  or rushing past.
They don't want to miss out, on life.
They know and feel the immediate quality of stopping and experiencing, whatever is.
They always stop, slow down, look back when walking past.
The little ones.
Just to see, listen, discover, enjoy. 
All they want is beauty, fun and contact.

This makes it worth it.
Sitting on the grey, cold stone floor, in drizzling rain.
Singing my songs. Mostly for deaf ears. 
But once in a while you get these diamonds. Making an appearance.
Bringing you free coffee.
Offering you smiles.
Dancing to your music.

Mostly, I am in awe of the kids.

Here's some music for you:

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