day 30 in a life

Grey is over.
We made it through the winter!
The colour is slowly returning to my heart again.
Red as the blood I give.
The door is opening to the summer. 
Today I am bleeding. A lot.
My fertility is heightened with the birth of the flowers.
The sap is rising in the trees. 
The scent of creation is in the air. 
Newly cut grass and dew.

New dreams are sprouting after this new moon.
I feel lifted.

Letting go of expectations.
From my words, of others efforts, my own efforts.
Letting go of the fear of not making my dreams reality.
Relaxing into time.
Time that passes, time that does not exists.
No resistance to the beat of the drum.
The drum of spirit.
 Gently guiding me to stay still, for a while.
Before the wild dance in Sweden begins.

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